• The Chief: "I mean, play cards in a hunting lodge."
  • Keswick: "I'd buy that."
  • Lunch Lady Bug: "You spoiled brats! Eat my spoiled brats!"
  • Lunch Lady Bug: "You bad eggs! Come and eat my bad eggs!"
  • Kitty: "Looks like R. Suspect isn't our suspect."
  • Dudley: "Where were you on the night of October 12th?"
  • Lunch Lady Bug: "Come on, you dirty rats! Eat my ratatouille!"
  • Rachel O'Foxy: "Mmm, this pie is delicious. Will you cater my wedding? I'm marrying the President of the Universe."
  • President of the Universe: "Actually, we need to talk."
  • Keswick: "Wait a minute, I could have given them a-astronaut costumes!"
  • Dudley: "One time I lost my credit card, so I'm carrying this treasure chest."

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