D.O.O.M. Buggy

The D.O.O.M. Buggy

The D.O.O.M. Buggy is a vehicle owned by Verminious Snaptrap that appeared in The Wrong Stuff, Frisky Business, The Rat Pack, & Close Encounters of the Doomed Kind. It was modified into a pumpkin carriage in Doom and Gloom.


  • The front of the buggy resembles Snaptrap's snout.
  • The buggy was also resembles of DRAG-U-LA from the classic TV sitcom, The Munsters, & Rob Zombie's music video, Dragula.
  • The buggy seems to change colors in each of its appearances. In The Wrong Stuff it was red, but in Frisky Business it was gray, then in The Rat Pack it was black, and later on in Close Encounters of the Doomed Kind it was white.


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