• Snaptrap: (to Dudley) "You're not just a thief, you're a liar too... YOU'RE GOING PLACES, MISTER! You win another Snap Rack!"
  • Dudley: (nervously) "I'm Bob...... Mansbestfriendhamandcheese."
    Snaptrap: "Hey, Mansbestfriendandhamandcheese is my mom's maiden name! I think I'm gonna like you, weird sailor kid!"
  • Snaptrap: (angrily) "And I don't even know what you're doing! BUT YOU'RE NOT DOING IT HERE ANYMORE!!!!" (Stomps on spider)
  • Snaptrap: "Freeze! Mr. Mansbestfriendhamandcheese!"
  • Snaptrap: "Here's your hall pass, which is also venomous."

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