The first Donutomic Atomizer, as seen in Snapnapped.

The Donutomic Atomizer is a machine invented by Keswick that creates doughnuts out of thin air and captures a baker's dozen of villains in one fell swoop. According to him, "possibly my greatest invention yet", it operates by firing giant doughnuts which home in on a target, stick themselves onto the target's head and send them flying back into a giant doughnut box.

It makes its first and only appearance in Snapnapped, where Keswick unveils the new invention to his fellow agents. However, as it only made glazed doughnuts, they were unappreciative of his work. Later during the episode Keswick used his new and improved Atomizer to capture Petropolis' worst villains, in jelly doughnuts.


  • The name is a pun on both words "doughnut" and "atomic".


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