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Evil Lair Hill

Evil Lair Hill, obvious in the title, is Bird Brain and Zippy's evil lair, and where they live. It was seen in Mom-A-Geddon, Thunder Dog, and Booby Trap.


  • It is unknown what the two bird houses attached to the evil lair are for, it's possible they're Bird Brain's dwellings.
  • Bird Brain's lair conforms with the archetype of supervillain lairs being located at high elevations (i.e. mountains, hills, plateaus).
  • The house number for the lair is 80085. If looked at closely, it can look like it says "BOOBS". It was most likely intentional to make a call on Bird Brain's species.
  • It is unknown if Bird Brain and Zippy have a new home, since it hasn't appeared since Booby Trap.
  • Bird Brain has a cactus garden which he fell on in Mom-A-Geddon.
  • Bird Brain's monster fell off of here in Booby Trap.


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