• Dudley: "Bug up the nose!"
  • Keswick: "This anti-acid isn't helping at all!"
  • The Chief: "That's ranch dressing!"
  • Dudley: (as Kitty) "Do what, Chief?"
  • Dudley: (as Kitty) "Karate chop bad guys?"
  • Dudley: (as Kitty) "Act like I'm always right?"
  • Dudley: (as Kitty) "Purr when I see the dreamy water delivery guy?"
    • Kitty: "Hey, I don't do that!"
  • Kitty: "Here's my number. Call me back when I get my phone fixed. Purr...."
  • Dudley: (as Keswick) "Now if you'll excuse me, I'll get back to work on the lady Keswick I've been working on!"
  • Keswick: "How do you know about that!?"
  • Snaptrap: "A dish served cold? A dish best served cold is mayonnaise. Are you saying revenge is mayonnaise?"
  • The Chief: "Blah cheetah! Oh, man, really do that!"
  • Dudley: "Laser Bone,Fire!!"

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