• "Uh, boss... you're still in the mall." (Mall Rat)
  • "Heh! A rat that's allergic to cheese!" (Operation: Happy Birthday)
  • "I don't mind the new look, but the new names you gave us are really lame!" (Dog Daze)
  • "No, but there's a cockroach in the dirty bathroom!" (Mall Rat)
  • "Uh, we could eat 'em." (Forget Me Mutt)
  • "Yeah, I know Boss. We have bunk beds, remember?" (The Doomies)
  • "Uh, you mean you don't have one boss?" (Operation: Happy Birthday)
  • "Yeah, like sneaking into the Petropolis Prison and realeasing all of your evil inmates." (Dog Dish)
  • "I don't know boss. Larry's the one who usually remembers that." (Operation: Happy Birthday)
  • "Ahh, it's too hot boss!" (Mall Rat)

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