• Dudley: "It smells like a hobo driving a garbage truck with an abscess tooth! In Atlantic City!"
  • Stink Bug: "I told you I don't shower!"
  • Stink Bug: "You are the worst evil intern ever!"
  • Stink Bug: "Just get us out of here!"
  • Percival: "I didn't! It seemed wrong!"
  • Percival: "Evil intern? I must have missed that in the job description."
  • Stink Bug: "Just drive!"
  • Stink Bug: "Super sensitive nose huh? Well then get a whiff of this!"
  • Kitty: "Freeze Stink Bug! You're under arrest for Grand Theft Limberger!"
  • Stink Bug: "For the last time, I'm the Stink Bug! I stink! It's what I do!"
  • Stink Bug: "No! We're evil! Make them hold it!"
  • Kitty: "And please keep your hands down!"
  • Stink Bug: "Sorry! I stink at driving."
  • Stink Bug: "Ahhh! That's it! You're fired!"
  • Stink Bug: " I hope he put spikes down there like I asked him to."
  • Stink Bug: "And now with no suspense whatsoever I give you the Air-unfreshener!"
  • Dudley: "I'm not going anywhere because Petropolis is my home!"
  • Dudley: "Keswick give me your cold!"
  • Dudley: "My nose is close!"
  • Dudley: "Go Panthers!"

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