• Kitty: (gasps) "I knew it! You hate my cookies!"
  • Keswick: (crying) "Now if you'll excuse me, Dr. Boring is going to puh, perform a heart transplant, 'cause mine is broken!"
  • Snaptrap: "You have 1 million hours to give me a dollar. No wait, reverse that. SNAPTRAP OUT!"
  • Kitty: "I GET IT!!!"
  • Dudley: "You think I'm a slob?"
  • Keswick: "Holy cow! I put myself to sleep!"
  • Dudley: "Why would anyone need this many bear traps?!"
  • Snaptrap: "I can read your thoughts, you nitwit!"
  • Dudley: "That cut like a knife."
  • Snaptrap: "I know, we both like the same country."
  • Dudley: "Oh,Boy! Cookies!"

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