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  • This episode seems to take place before Monkey Business as we learn that Duck became the newest henchmen of Bird Brain before Ewe.
  • It is revealed that Duck's first name is Skip.
  • Snaptrap is playing a game called World of Ratcraft which is a parody of the online game, World of Warcraft.
  • The scene where Dudley, Kitty, and Keswick get the power source in his lab and a couple of traps spring up is a reference to the movie Indiana Jones.
  • We learned that Keswick has interacted with aliens while working at T.U.F.F.:
    • He gave the Aliens DNA samples of Dudley and Kitty in exchange for a power source.
    • He plans to help the Aliens invade the Earth if they can call it Planet Keswick.
  • When Dudley is playing Chicken Zombies 2, when you look closely at the console, it is a Y-Box which is a parody of the Xbox 360.
  • While Snaptrap plays World of Ratcraft, he seems to be playing it with a remote on the TV. This could be a parody of the Wii. Dudley also seems to be playing Chicken Zombies 2 on a playing board like the Wii Balance Board.
  • This is the second time where a burrito got cooked in the microwave. The first time was in Puppy Love.
  • This is the second time where you see Keswick without his glasses. The first time was in Share-A-Lair.

Running Gags

  • Bird Brain saying Duck's name, and then Bat and Owl duck.

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