Stan is Keswick's brother-in-law who was only seen in Dog Dish. He never had any actual lines of dialogue, as he was only seen laughing throughout the entire episode along with Keswick. He is, obviously, married to Keswick's unknown sister. He is most likely of the same alien species that Keswick belongs to. (with especially similar hair, eyes and nose). However he is much taller than him, does not wear glasses, and has a long, visible tail. In Monkey Business, Keswick mentioned that he came from an alternate universe called Keswickia. It's more than likely possible that Stan also came from that universe.


  • Stan's physique resembles that of Season 2 Snaptrap's style, egg-shaped body with short legs.
  • He seems to have a good relationship with Keswick, quite the contrary to the way that brother-in-laws are usually portrayed in most TV series.


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