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Recent and Upcoming Episodes

Previous new episodes Upcoming new episodes
"Close Encounters of the Doomed Kind" / "Golden Retriever"

Premiered on Nicktoons on December 27, 2013 (US) (8:00pm ET)


Snaptrap and D.O.O.M. steals an alien ship and uses its weapons to wreak havoc on Petropolis. (read more)

D.O.O.M. searches for a gold nugget in a town from the Old West, and their actions could result in the town collapsing. (read more)

"'Til Doom Do Us Part"
Premiered on Nicktoons on February 14, 2014 (US) (9:00pm ET)


Snaptrap, D.O.O.M, and the Chameleon are stealing gifts at weddings. Dudley and Kitty must get married in an attempt to stop them. (read more)

"Crime Takes a Holiday" / "Flower Power"

Coming soon on Nicktoons on April 19, 2014 (US) (1:00pm ET)

CTH 11

The Chameleon disguises himself as the Easter Bunny and goes on a crime spree in Petropolis. (read more)

Bird Brain finds a rare flower that makes him indestructible. Dudley and Kitty go to the rainforest to stop him. (read more)

"The Spelling Bee" / "House Broken"
Coming soon on Nicktoons on April 19, 2014 (US) (1:00pm ET)

TSB 04

The Wanna-Bee snatches all the kids at the spelling bee and challenges Dudley to a spelling competition. (read more)

While T.U.F.F. is away travelling, Snaptrap breaks into Keswick's house to steal his latest invention, the head shrinker. (read more)

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Character large 332x363 snaptrap
Verminious Snaptrap, or simply known by his surname Snaptrap, is usually the primary antagonist of T.U.F.F. Puppy, and is the leader of D.O.O.M. (Diabolical Order of Mayhem).

Oooh is he NASTY! And ohhh is he GROSS! If he was a lady, he'd be the Queen of Mean! As a guy, he'd be the King of Creeps! But Petropolis's moldy-toothed Corruptor-in-Chief isn't a lady OR a guy... He's a RAT! Verminious Snaptrap, to be exact. The nasty, smelly and bad-mannered leader of D.O.O.M. is an evil animal who's mad at the world for dealing him a cruel blow: He's the only rat in the world who's allergic to his favorite food: cheese! If he even goes near the stuff, he swells up like a puffer fish. That's why Snaptrap has decided that if he can't be happy, then NOBODY CAN! And the only things standing between him and worldwide misery are his mortal enemies on team T.U.F.F. That is why Dudley Puppy and his crime-fighting crew MUST BE CRUSHED! Now if only Verminious could figure out how to do it. (read more)

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