• Dudley: "Somebody wake me from this nightmare!"

  • Kitty: "Keswick, you have to do something! I BROUGHT TOASTER PASTRIES TODAY!"

  • Dudley: (to R.I.T.A.) "How would you like it if we went to your house and made toast?!"

  • Kitty: "AHH! Paper cups!"
  • Dudley: "AHH! Paper CUTS!"
  • Keswick: "AHH! Paper clips!"

  • Dudley: " BACK OFF, R.I.T.A.!"

  • Dudley: "So we're supposed to work with a toaster?"

  • Dudley: "Change the Menu!" (throws meatballs at the ground for R.I.T.A. to slip)

  • The Chameleon: "Ooh the irony. I must resist the urge to eat myself, well maybe just a nibble... OW! HOW CAN SOMETHING THAT TASTES SO GOOD FEEL SO BAD?"

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