• "Who am I?! Simply the most evil mind in all of Petropolis!" (Purr-fect Partners)
  • "I'm horribly allergic to cheese!" (Operation: Happy Birthday)
  • "Mac and cheese will become mac and nothing, fondue will become fon-don't, and pizza will without cheese!" (Operation: Happy Birthday)
  • "I don't see the red light. Am I on?" (Operation: Happy Birthday)
  • "It is I, Verminious Snaptrap!" (various episodes)
  • "Soon you will all PERISH!" (Mall Rat, T.U.F.F. Puppy: Unleashed!)
  • "Larry, go stand in the dirty bathroom!" (Mall Rat)
  • "Larry, you forgot to put "Leave the mall" on my to-do list!" (Mall Rat)
  • "I will now PLOT MY REVENGE!" (various episodes)
  • "I love our new library lair! There's free wi-fi and a book on how to grow your very own herb garden!" (Share-A-Lair)
  • "This is pathetic! Our vehicles don't run, our weapons won't fire and why are you guys sitting on rocks?" (Snapnapped)
  • "That's "schmoodled" for 370 points!" (Share-A-Lair)
  • "There I "schmoodled" Larry!" (Share-A-Lair)
  • "Sorry, Mrs. Handleman! Larry, got put a cobra in her car." (Share-A-Lair)
  • "Honestly Weaselman, do you ever call with good news?" (Share-A-Lair)
  • "D.O.O.M. and T.U.F.F., sharing an office? How will that work?" (Share-A-Lair)
  • "Darn it, we're out of ammo!" (Share-A-Lair)
  • "I.M. Stinky." (Share-A-Lair)
  • "That tears it! This is WAR!" (Share-A-Lair)
  • "You can snorkel in the shark tank Larry!" (Cruisin' for a Brusin')
  • "Well, thank you, Captain Obvious!" (Cruisin' for a Bruisin')
  • "LARRY! ARE YOU PEDALING TO ACAPULCO?!" (Cruisin' for a Bruisin')
  • "That does it! You're banned from the salad bar!" (Cruisin' for a Bruisin')
  • "Well, everyone needs roughage, Larry! No wonder you're so sickly and pathetic!" (Cruisin' for a Bruisin')
  • "You disgust me, Larry!" (Cruisin' for a Bruisin')
  • "Put a sock in it, Larry!" (The Doomies)
  • "Oh great. Now I'm left without a Doomie and an empty shrimp sack!" (The Doomies)
  • "I can read your thoughts, you nitwit!" (Mind Trap)
  • "That was fast. Does anyone have hand sanitizer?" (The Rat Pack)

  • "Man I'm loving kids, maybe I should steal one of my own." (Kid Stuff)

  • "You T.U.F.F. agents destroyed all of our evil lairs, and ruined a perfectly good nanny panny. IT'S PAYBACK TIME! (Share-A-Lair)

  • "Oh, it's a land mine, they only work on land." (Guard Dog)

  • (After giving out a command) "OR PERISH! " (various episodes)

  • "And now, to blow up that stupid moon! once and for all! Just look at, it mocking me!" (Toast of T.U.F.F.)

  • "So long, visible losers!" (Dog Dish)

  • "Ohhhhhh! Larry someone's giving you a ghostly wedgie!" (Dog Dish)
  • "Then putting you back in the shark tank was Francisco's idea too!" (Dog Dish)
  • "No, mister. I've only got one plan and I keep repeating it. (Dog Dish)

  • "Flashback's over, Larry!" (Snappy Campers)

  • "Ollie, bring me some shrimp. It's the only thing that makes me feel better." (The Doomies)

  • "I hate that show. It teaches kids stupid things like sharing. Why can't it tech something interesting, like internet fraud." (Kid Stuff)

  • "What should I do? Freeze or drop my weapon?" (Kid Stuff)

  • "Okay, that was quite harsh Larry... (voice cracks), go to commercials!" (The Doomies)

  • "Snap Dad!" (Snap Dad)

Verminious Snaptrap

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